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Everyone can recall the taste of fear. Yoshi incredible chocolate in hazelnut confectionery. Let's turn this delicacy into a plated dessert. 

What about a melt in your mouth hazelnut mousse coated with milk chocolate and toasted and chopped hazelnuts wrapped in further request.



Hey, I am Boy Noel Booze, welcome to the real deal Cooking Channel.

So first, let's make the pastry. In the food processor, I'm gonna throw in my butter and salt and I'm going to suffer it. Then I'm gonna add powdered sugar and almond meal and cream it scraping the sides of the bowl as it goes. Then I'm going to add the egg and the vanilla.

Continue to process until smooth and add the flour in two times and blend until just combined. Wrap up the pastry and chill a couple of hours or until firm. Flour your work surface and walk out the pastry to make it workable supple but still cool.

Then roll out into a three millimeter of thin sheets, prick with a fork, and divided into strips that are slightly higher than the pastry ring edges and quarter-inch wider in diameter. Chill the pastry for a few minutes is gonna be easier to handle.


Expandable cutters are they way to go!

Then apply the sweet dough against each greased pastry ring. Making sure that it's evenly distributed trim off excess dough from the bottom following the shape of the ring. Do likewise with the remaining rings. Refrigerate to rest. Trim off tops and freeze overnight before baking.

Next hazelnut ganache montée, I'm going bring my milk to a boil then I'm gonna throw in my toasted hazelnuts. Oops! I'm gonna use a narrow container. It's gonna be much easier to blend then I'm going to let this to infuse for about 20 minutes.

Once infused, I'm gonna sieve it and pressing down solids to extract as much hazelnut milk as possible. Then add half of the heavy cream, bring to a boil, and pour into the melted chocolate, and blend. Add the gelatine hazelnut panini and the remaining chilled heavy cream but unware and chill overnight.


Alright! So this is the hazelnut ganache montée I made yesterday. So it's completely chilled, so what I'm gonna do I'm going to whip it until just solve fix. Ganache montée, it's becoming popular now. It's kind of a quick mousse if you wish using white chocolate instead of Creme Anglaise.

Oh gosh! This is insane since I don't have the right seek on more since. By the way, I'm gonna use my pastry rings, fill them up, and freeze them completely. Then you wanna use your cookie cutter to make then smaller than the crust.

And of course, you don't want to throw away this absolutely delightful hazelnut mousse. Then divide it each disc in half and keep frozen.

Meanwhile, I am going to temper some milk chocolates to make thin plates for the toppings.

So, I'm going to melt my chocolate to 113°F then I'm going to drop the temperature to 80°F and bring it up just a couple of more degrees to 84°F. And it is going to ready to be sprayed onto an acetate sheets or the plastic wrap that are actually used by florists to wrap up flowers it works just fine.

Using a large offset spatula, you wanna spread this beautiful chocolate into a thin sheets and as soon as it sets cut into desired shapes 3.4 by 0.8 inch. Cover with parchment, flip, and the some white on top to prevent from crawling.

Next, I'm going to dip my hazelnut mousse into temper milk chocolate. Next, I'm going to temper more chocolate with cocoa butter to keep my frozen hazelnut mousse. In this beautiful glaze, you wanna add some hazelnut crumbs.

Once done, refrigerate to thaw then when ready to send out, garnish each chocolate plate with dots of lemon curd, candied orange, edible flowers, micro mints, blueberries, and raspberries.

I hope guys you enjoy these gorgeous plated desserts episode. To get the full recipe and much more, go to For now, please subscribe like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Bon Appétit! See you next time!

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