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Jacques Torres Talks Chocolate Molds

Jacques Torres Talks Chocolate Molds

I'm going to show you how to make chocolate bonbon, a chocolate bar, and little decoration.

For the chocolate bonbon, I have those beautiful molds here that are polycarbonate mold, they are not disposable mold – they are very sturdy. If you take care of them, if you wash them by hand with a mild soap, you will never buy another mold.

Chocolate Molding

They are good for a lifetime and you can find a lot of different designs, so whatever pleases you. I’m going to do - what do you think? This one looks like coffee, so, sample the mold, take a level, take the mold on your other hands.

Chocolate Molding

Now what are you do, I’m going to run the mold, the cavity of the mold under the level, you see that? Try to clean to the pattern – try to work as clean as you can – start with dark chocolates.

Removing Excess Chocolate Molding

Okay, when you reach that, you remove the excess. So far so good, you following me? Now, take the mold and tap it on your counter – that will remove air bubbles that you might get under the mold. Then, you reverse the mold over the bowl that’s why I use a bowl, pretty large.

Chocolate Molding

Then with the spatula, just scrape the bottom of your mold and this is what you get. Now I'm going to reverse the mode into a rock so this way the chocolate going to go along the mold and create about one-eighth of an inch thick shell. If you want it thinner, you tap the mold a little bit longer.  

So when you reach the stage, the chocolate going to be good at this temperature – it’s pretty cold here, it's about 65 degrees, you’re going to take 5 minutes – 70 degrees, 10 minutes. Any degree, go to the beach, don’t make chocolates. Okay, then that mold is for the chocolate bar, that’s easy to do at home.

Chocolate Molding

When you make chocolate, whatever you do, you always have leftover tempered chocolate so make your friend happy. Take those chocolate bar mold, put some chocolates inside, you’re going to see how easy that is. You can also use a piping bag if you want, but you know what, the level works pretty well.

Chocolate Molding

And all you have to do now is scrape the top, make it straight or level, and that’s it. I mean how easy that is. I don’t go to tell you how much I sell that. Okay, so when they come out of the mold, put them in a little bag and this is great for friends.

Also, something that you can do with that is put some nuts on top of them. You can put them some cereal on top of them, you can put some dry foods on top of them. Tap them to be sure that you don’t get any air bubble and then put them in the fridge for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes. I will show you when they are ready to unmold.

Chocolate Molds

Now I have something also cool here and it's to do little decoration. Those already start setting up. So you clean them very well and then I’m going to do a little ganache to fill them. I’ll show you that in a few minutes. So this mold here is actually a mold for leaf and flower.

You can use a few colored chocolates to put in the middle. To make it simple, I’m going to show you how to do it with dark chocolates. You can put few white chocolates here or you can, again, take some white chocolate, put it a little bit of color, and put it in the middle of your flowers.

Removing excess chocolate

Few chocolates on the offset of the spatula and put the chocolates into the mold. I mean, I don’t think we can do something simpler than that. Now, we’re going to do the leaf. Be careful that the chocolate go everywhere, the point is very difficult usually to fill.

So just push it at the point of the leaf. Okay, then we’re going to put that in the fridge for few minutes with the chocolate bar and when they are ready, I’m going to show you how to unmold them. 

 You can also watch this video on Youtube

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