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How To Prepare Chocolate Molds by  I Sugar Coat It!

How To Prepare Chocolate Molds by I Sugar Coat It!

A number of factors come into play in achieving that shine that you see on many pretty bonbons, properly tempered chocolate, properly tempered cocoa butter.

How to Prepare for Chocolate Molds

A great place to start though is making sure your mold is spotless. So that in school, we use cheesecloth but I actually prefer the cotton pads, these ones I found in the make-up section of the drugstore and we use that with alcohol, 94% evaporates really quickly.

Cleaning Chocolate Molds

So you want to start with a clean mold and I usually just wash it with a bit with warm water and try not to use any harsh soaps or anything like that. Put some alcohol on the cotton and just clean.

Use Alchohol for Chocolate Molds

Chocolate Molds

Okay, you’re gonna want to go over each mold twice, the same would apply for your bars. Just give it a nice cleaning. You get to go.

Chocolate Molds

You can also watch this video on their Youtube Channel: I Sugar Coat It! 

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