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Silpain Baking Mats

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Silpain® is a non-stick baking mat made for baking or freezing.

Silpain® is effective for baking all shapes and sizes of breads which are not required to be calibrated (cobs, bloomers, rolls,…) in all types of oven (ventilated or deck-oven) except for direct fired ovens.

Silpain® is also effective for freezing dough and baking part baked breads. The Silpain® mat can be used as well for part baking tarts and tartlets in stainless steel rings. The bottom of tartlets is perfectly flat by baking on this mat.

Dough contains about 60-80% of water. When baking with dough it is important to use a Silpain® because of its perforated qualities. The water seeps through the mat, leaving a perfect crusty finish. Use it for your biscuits, tart, Viennoiseries, pizza and bread.

Available in two sizes:
385 X 585 mm (15" x 23") - European Sheet Pan
420 X 620 mm (16.5" x 24.4") - US Full Sheet Pan


  • Heat resistance from -40° to +280°C (-40° to +536°F).
  • No greasing required.
  • Usable in various ovens: ventilated, steam and also good for freezing.
  • Easy to clean.