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Silicone Baking Mat

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This non-stick baking mat is essential in all commercial and residential kitchens. Place it on a cookie sheet, a baking tray or directly on the grill of your oven. Put your products on the mat and place it in the oven, your products will not stick just like on a Silpat™.

The EXNOX silicone mat is especially effective with very sticky products such as viscous pasta, sugar, taffy, caramel and all other products that usually stick in the bottom of your sheet pan. The baking mat is made with fiberglass covered (coated) with silicone, enabling more uniform cooking. It can also be used for standard freezing and deep freezing.

Dimensions available:
420 x 620 mm (16.53" x 24.40"), fits perfectly into a 18"x26" sheet pan.
365 x 515 mm (14.37" x 20.27"), fits perfectly into a 15"x21" sheet pan.

  • For sheet pan baking of cakes and pastries.
  • For sugar and nougatine work.
  • Resistance: - 40°C to + 250°C (- 40°F to + 480°F).
  • No lubrication needed.
  • Usable in all types of oven: ventilated, sole, vapor, microwave.
  • Usable for domestic and commercial freezing and deep freezing.
  • Easy cleaning.