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Reinforced Aluminum Sheets

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Aluminum Cooking Sheet

Thick heavy duty aluminum sheet. This European-style sheet is excellent for cooking croissants, viennoiserie and other pastry products such as sponge cakes and joconde biscuits. Its thick bottom gives it a great rigidity and its bottom will remain flat much longer than standard aluminum sheet pans.

    Available sizes and thicknesses:
  • 15"x21" - thickness: 14Ga (0.064"/1,6mm)
  • 15"x21" - thickness: 12Ga (0.080"/2mm)
  • 15"x21" - thickness: 10Ga (0.1"/2,6mm)
  • 18"x26" - thickness: 14Ga (0.064"/1,6mm)
  • 18"x26" - thickness: 12Ga (0.080"/2mm)
  • 18"x26" - thickness: 10Ga (0.1"/2,6mm)

    Available sides folds:
  • No folds (without folds)
  • 2 short sides folds (2 folds on the width)
  • 2 long sides folds (2 folds on the length)
  • 4 sides folds (4 folds)