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Mycryo Cocoa Butter 550g

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The butter for every standard of excellence!
Mycryo® Cocoa butter is ideal for chocolate tempering and salty applications.


Tempering chocolate:

Tempering chocolate with Mycryo® is considered as the easiest and most efficient method ever developed!

With the advent of Mycryo®, 100% pure cocoa butter, tempering becomes an easy task, simple to perform.

This method has multiple advantages:

-Requires minimum equipment.

    -Simply add 1% Mycryo® by weight to the chocolate, namely 10 g for 1 kg of chocolate (1.6 oz for 1 lb) when the chocolate reaches the correct temperature.
  • -The chocolate remains perfectly fluid.
  • -Longer working time before the chocolate hardens.
  • -Shape the chocolate by hand or mould with an enrober.
    In Cooking:
        Mycryo® Butter is a powder with insulating properties that bring out the colour, texture and natural taste of every food.It is a desodorised fatthat has no taste added to your meal, so that you reveal the natural taste of your product.The heat resistance of Mycryo® Butter allows to preserve your ingredients and it retains natural juices and moisture. Perfect for food rich in water like mushrooms or fish!Natural tastes are revealed and intensified.
        Mycryo® allows to minimize the use of fat : 50 to 70 % caloric reduction.Through the use of butter Mycryo®, degradation and oxydation of the ingredients are delayed andnutritionnal characteristics are protected.The heat stability of Mycryo® Butter (200°C) allows fast cooking and hasneutral effect on cholesterol.Suitable for vegetarians and for hallal preparations, Mycryo® Butter is vegetable fat.
        Easy to use and measure, you will save time on preparation and no more oil projection.It can easily be sprinkled through its 3 exclusive different levels of sprinkling.With Mycryo® Butter, you will not have any rest left over in the pan so it can be cleaned easily with a paper towel.

        Packaging: 550g (19.4 oz) dispenser

      Shelf life: 12 months
    This product is only available to ship in Canada