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Mol d'Art Table Top Chocolate Tempering Machine 6KG (13LBS)

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Original price $925.00
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Lowest Price Guarantee The small and affordable Mol D'Art Table Top Chocolate Tempering Machine is convenient and made of quality finish. The warming and melting mechanism ensures the best quality finish to the chocolate once completed and the dry heat mechanism means greater precision is offered when controlling temperature. The mechanically controlled thermostat ensures that whatever temperature you choose between 5 and 65 degrees Celsius will remain constant throughout the tempering process.

The 6kg Mol D'Art Table Top Chocolate Tempering Machine is manufactured using strong plastic and integrated electrical components ensuring that it is durable and long lasting. An equally tough plastic lid is also included so as to ensure that no debris collects in the chocolate during the process.

Dry heat system
Electricity: 110 or 220 Volts.
Highly precise mechanical thermostat: 0 to 65° C (32 to 149° F although not indicated on dial)
Pan Dimensions: 11,75x 9,5x 4" deep (30x24x10cm deep)
Body and lid and pan made of food grade plastic and stainless steel respectively.

Pre-crystallizing in the melting pot

How to rapidly and efficiently pre-crystallize chocolate with Callets™.

Video courtesy of Callebaut.