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Medium Stars Silicone Mould


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This Flexipan Mold can be used to bake or freeze most sweet and savoury products normally manufactured in metallic moulds. Flexipan® is not only a solid and long lasting material, but it also offers exceptional non- stick properties. Flexipan® can be used at temperatures varying from -40°C to +280°C (-76°F to +536°F).

Dimension: 45 mm x 70 mm (1.75" x 2.75")
Depth: 20 mm (0.75")
Volume: 45 ml
24 cavities per mould

Manufactured in France by Demarle, it is made by a unique combination of glass fabric and food grade silicone that sets the Flexipan® line apart from the competition. The technology make the mold easy to use since it is exceptionally non-sticky, and therefore quick to demold. Flexipan® molds have been recognized by professionals around the world.

Depending on the products, unmoulding is easily made either by bending the mould around the frozen products (mousses or crème brûlée) or the gelified products, or by turning the mould upside down for baked products. In the case of small products, one can even remove them at once just by lifting an edge of the Flexipan® tray.

To clean, simply soak the mould in hot soapy water using a non abrasive sponge and a non aggressive detergent (neutral Ph = 7). Caution: a very aggressive detergent (too acid or too basic) will damage the mould very quickly. You are advised to wash Flexipan® very regularly since, over time, accumulation of grease is detrimental to the durability of the material. After washing, placing the Flexipan® tray in the oven at 150°C for two minutes, will sterilise it and make it perfectly hygienic.


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sijiraj parakkotte (Victoria, CA)
Very nice

Very nice as it is

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