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Line Square Chocolate Mould

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This high quality polycarbonate chocolate mould for the confection of square shape candies enables to obtain a shiny finish. This mould coming from a new European collection offers exclusive motifs and shapes easy to unmould that will enable any chocolate confectioner to obtain stylish candies with defined lines. To obtain colored chocolate pieces paint the interior of the mould with a thin coat of colored cocoa butter before pouring the chocolate into the mould.

  • Spécifications:
  • Dimensions of the cavities: 26 x 26 mm - H 13 mm (1.02" x 1.02"- H 0.51").
  • Number of cavities: 21 cavities.
  • Weight of chocolate piece: ± 10 gr (± 0.35 oz).
  • Dimensions of the mould: 275 x 135 mm (10.81" x 5.31").
  • Material: Polycarbonate.