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Half-Sphere Thermoformed Mould

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The Half Sphere Thermoformed Mould is a great way to craft chocolate ball, entremet and mousse cake. The mould offers precision and polished half sphere cavities. Simply using two moulds so that you can create a full sphere. The sizes available are: Ø 4cm, Ø 6cm, Ø 7cm, Ø 8cm, Ø 9cm, Ø 10cm, Ø 12cm, Ø 14cm, Ø 16cm, Ø 18cm and Ø 20cm.

Ø 4cm – 6 cavities
Ø 6cm – 6 cavities
Ø 7cm – 6 cavities
Ø 8cm – 6 cavities
Ø 9cm – 4 cavities
Ø 10cm – 4 cavities
Ø 12cm – 2 cavities
Ø 14cm – 2 cavities
Ø 16cm – 2 cavities
Ø 18cm – 1 cavity
Ø 20cm – 1 cavity.