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Exoglass Spatula

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SKU EU01350

This high quality spatula is ideal to mix all kinds of preparations such as chocolate, creams, sauces, sugar… With its Exoglass composition, it offers a high heat resistance, up to 220° C (430° F). Therefore you can use the spatula directly into your baking receptacles, a double-boiler or a chocolate tempering machine.

Exoglass is made of a rot-proof and non-porous material therefore responding to high hygienic requirements.

The exoglass spatula is very sturdy and can be machine washed and sterilized. Available in 5 different sizes:

  • 250 mm (9.75")
  • 300 mm (11.75")
  • 350 mm (13.75")
  • 400 mm (15.75")
  • 500 mm (19.5")