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Dark chocolate couverture "Favorites Mi-Amère"

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SKU FAC-601036

Strong taste of delicately spiced cocoa.

All the skills of the finest chocolatier are tested in the production of a truly successful semi-bitter dark chocolate couverture. Cacao Barry Favorites Mi-Amère is such a creation, offering a strong taste of delicately spiced cocoa to discerning palate This dark couverture is widely praised for its consistent aromatic rounded flavor, as well as for its tantalising suggestion of vanilla. Very slightly sweet and with an abundance of character, Favorites Mi-Amère truly lives up to its name.

Applications: Ideal product for fine moldings, coatings, pastry ganaches, mousses, pralines interior ganaches, biscuits, sauces, decorations, ice-creams and sorbets.


    % of Cocoa: 58.00 %
  • % of fat: 38.2 %
  • Fluidity: medium
  • Packaging: 5kg pack of Pistoles
  • Shelf life: 24 months


"Favorites Mi-Amère is an excellent couverture for molding, it has good fluidity for coating and is a very good compromise to avoid modifying the taste of chocolate praline interiors."

MOF Chocolatier 1993

*ATTENTION : Chocolate is temperature sensitive during the summer season therefore all responsibility during shipment is at the buyer's responsibility against temperature related damage.

All information about crystallisation are available on each chocolate product's packaging.All chocolate products and its by-products are only available for Canada.