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Croissants Cutter Carts

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The Croissants Cutter Cart is the ideal tool to cut your croissants and obtain uniform sizes in less time than it takes to say it. As you will see on the video below, The cut is straight, the triangles are equal and the work is done quickly!

The croissants cutter cart is custom made according to your wanted size of croissants. Depending on the width of the dough at the exit of your dough sheeter, the croissants cutter can be double or triple (2 or 3 rows of croissants at a time).

The Croissants Cutter Cart uses 2 cutting rolls which prevents the dough from rolling (wrapping) around the roller. It is important to use the cart on a straight working table to obtain a clean straight cut. We recommend a marble or granite table top.

Save time and standardize your croissants with the Croissants Cutter Cart.

For more information or a quote, please contact us.

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