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Croissant Cutters

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SKU EXC154420

The tool of the pros! These high quality croissant cutters offer perfect and uniform triangular dough shapes. Just roll the cutter onto the dough to get multiple triangle pieces in just a few seconds! Roll them up, dispose on a pan and bake!

The cutters make multiple croissants per revolution, the frame and the blades of the croissant cutters are made from stainless steel with durable plastic handles. The croissant cutters are machine washable.

The croissant cutters are offered in 4 models, each offering a different triangle dimensions.

Triangle dimensions:
  • 110 X 150 mm (4.3" X 6") - Code: EX154420
  • 180 X 140 mm (7" X 5.5") - Code: EX154421
  • 97 X 210 mm (3.8" X 8.2") - Code: EX154499
  • 180 X 200 mm (7" X 7.9") - Code: EX154422