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Cocoa Powder "Extra Brute"

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Luminous and intense red, very flavorful. For covering truffles or a copper-colored powdering.

Applications: Ideal product for mousses, creams, biscuits, ice-creams, sorbets, confectionery coverings, decoration, hot chocolates.


  • % of Cocoa: 100 %
  • % of Cocoa butter: 22/24 %
  • Packaging: 1kg bag of powder
  • Shelf life: 24 months


    Cookies -&gt, Incorporate the sifted cocoa powder at the end of mixing.

    Hot Chocolate -&gt, Boil 1000g of milk with 250 g cocoa powder then add 250 g of heavy cream (35% milkfat). Allow to mature overnight. Re-heat and serve.


    *ATTENTION : Chocolate is temperature sensitive during the summer season therefore all responsibility during shipment is at the buyer's responsibility against temperature related damage.

    All information about crystallisation are available on each chocolate product's packaging.

    All chocolate products and its by-products are only available for Canada.