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Chocolate Shaver DR45

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The DR45 chocolate shaver offers a constant production that ensures uniformity of the final product. Designed according to high quality standards, it is extremely robust, offering durability that surpasses the industry's requirements.

The DR45 chocolate shaver is safe, easy to use and requires very low maintenance.


Produces up to 45kg (100 lbs) of chocolate shavings per hour. *(Depending on chocolate block dimensions and temperature).

  • Easy-fit opening: perfect for all kinds of chocolate blocks.

Maximum Opening: 43.49 x 13.15 cm (17.121" x 5.176")
Minimum Opening: 27.19 x 9.45 cm (10.704" x 3.720")

    • Includes a 6 rotary knife system.
    • Exit the product in a plastic container or on aluminum sheet. *The container support can be custom made to be compatible with your kind of pans.
    • Stabilizes on four robust wheels (tow with breaks).
    • Electricity: Available in 110 volts or 220 volts..
    • Stainless steel.

      Approximate dimensions:
      100 cm x 49.5 cm x 175 cm (39.5" x 19.5" x 69")
      Approximate weight:
      125kg (275 lbs)

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Made in Canada.