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Cake Slicer and Leveler

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SKU EX180020

The Cake Slicer and Leveler is the perfect manual tool to cut with ease your cakes into multiple horizontal layers with speed and precision. It will save you labor cost and you will obtain perfect thickness layers at each time.

The Adjustable Cake Slicer Leveler is entirely made from heavy duty stainless steel. Designed for professional kitchen, it can slice either round, square or full sheet cake into perfectly even layers.

With Graduated sides in inches and centimeters, no rule is required to adjust the blades. It makes this commercial cake slicer one of the most precise and easy to use.

Sturdy and Adjustable, the stainless steel blades are easy to tight and set at the desired height. The cake cutter comes with 2 sharp blades and additional blades can be added. No need to remove a not needed blade, simply raise it to the top out of the way. The 52 cm (20.5") long blades will allow cutting large cake.