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Block Butter Wire Cutter

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The butter guitar cutter is designed to cut butter blocks in slices. The butter slices are ideal for the turning of the dough when making puff pastries.

Thanks to the butter guitar cutter, you will increase your time saving and will get homogenous puff pastries. The adjustable wires will enable you to quickly adjust the thickness of your slices.

The butter guitar cutter cuts a whole block in a single stroke without any force! A simple and quick way to prepare your butter or other fats for your dough confections. For best results, the butter block needs to be at a temperature of 14 to 17° C (57 to 63° F).

Your puff pastries will be more uniform and you will obtain tasty viennoiseries, pastries and croissants.

FREE Shipping to CANADA and USA


  • FREE Shipping to CANADA and USA
  • Suitable for all kinds of standard blocks.
  • Cutting wires adjustable to obtain desired thicknesses.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to move and clean.
  • Mounted on 4 sturdy swiveling wheels.
  • Entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Made in Canada


  • 36" x 22" x 36" H (92 x 56 x 92cm H).
  • Weight: 100lbs (45kg).

Shipping available only for Canada and USA. Contact us for international shipping.