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Box of 52 Cake Decorating Tips

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Plastic box containing 52 stainless steel small fine decorating tips to create fastidious and precise decors. This set contains all you need for pastry bag decoration. These tips will enable to create beautiful pastry sweets under various themes.The tips are offered in a plastic casing that is specifically made for tip storage.These stainless steel one piece casted pastry tips are non-welded therefore eliminating all risks of contamination.They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. These tips are conform to the highest hygiene regulations.

Made of Stainless steel
Diameter: 17 mm
Height: 33 mm

Content details:
    5 plain tips: # 1-4-7-10-125 fluted tips (stars): # 13-15-18-20-223 closed star tips: # 24-27-304 ribbon tips: # 42-44-47-484 leaf tips: # 65-67-68-706 curved ribbon tips: # 62-63-97-98-99-1008 petal tips: # 59c-59-60-61-101-102-103-1044 tips # 140-177-191-2177 tips # 75-77-79-84-88-89-951 bored star tip # 961 multi opening tip # 233 (nest tip, for hair and herb tuft confection)4 large decor tips # 113-118-123-126 (leaves, petals and ribbons)1 plastic tip adaptor enabling tip interchangeability. Tips can even be replaced on a filled pastry bag2 flower nails.

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