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Box of 36 Large Pastry Tips

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Plastic box containing 36 stainless steel large pastry tips. These tips are specially addressed to those who wish to create decorations with a pastry bag.

These stainless steel pastry tips are casted in one piece and are non-welded therefore eliminating all risks of contamination. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. These tips are conform to the highest hygiene regulations.

Made of Stainless steel
Diameters: 25-30-35 mm
Heights: 40-45-50-55 mm

Content details:
  • 10 plain tips: Ø4-Ø6-Ø7-Ø9-Ø10-Ø12-Ø13-Ø15-Ø16-Ø18mm
  • 11 fluted tips (stars): Ø4-Ø6-Ø7-Ø8-Ø9-Ø10-Ø12-Ø13-Ø15-Ø16-Ø18mm
  • 5 French fluted tips (French stars): Ø7-Ø9-Ø10-Ø13-Ø15mm
  • 5 closed star tips: Ø6-Ø9-Ø10-Ø11-Ø12mm (for flowers)
  • 2 closed star and bored tips: Ø5-Ø6mm
  • 2 ribbon tips (6 teeth): widths: 16 et 20mm (1 smooth side and 1 indented side)
  • 1 filling tip: Ø 4mm
  • 3 plastic tip adaptors enabling tip interchangeability. Tips can even be replaced on a filled pastry bag.

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