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80 kg Chocolate Enrobing Machine

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Removable enrobing conveyor belt for the 80kg moulding machine. This easy-to-install enrobing belt allows the enrobing of multiple products such as candy interiors, bars, etc. Includes a two veil flow tray to optimize the complete coverage of candies and an adjustable blower to control the thickness of chocolate on your products. The conveyor belt is also equipped with a vibrating section and a tail removerinsuring a neat finish. Easy to maintain thanks to its two part conveyor belt which enables the user to take off the paper exit from the enrobing conveyor.

    - Stainless steel construction,
  • - Paper exit extension (1,5m / 5ft) and paper roll,
  • - Double chocolate curtain and overflow perforation,
  • - Width of enrobing belt: 28cm (11″),
  • - Adjustable chocolate bath,
  • - Adjustable vibrating,
  • - Two adjustable heating lamps,
  • - Approximate conveyor speed: 1m (3,28ft) / minute.

      - Detailer for cutting tails off of the chocolate,
    • - Blower for blowing superfluous chocolate,
    • - Bottom tank for partial enrobing of the bottom of products only,
    • - Pneumatic extension conveyor with drive and speed regulation, as a semi-industrial alternative,
    • - Truffle extension and rotating truffle table.

      Single phase motor 110-120V 60Hz

        - Enrobing conveyor grill width: 11″,
      • - Truffle table: Ø 90 or 150cm (35’’ ou 60’’).

        For more information on this product, you can send us a message or contact us via phone at
        1-888-514-6336 or 514-595-6336.

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