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Raspberry Tart, Baked by Anna Olson!

Raspberry Tart, Baked by Anna Olson!

Pat Sucree makes for delicious cookies but where this sweet dough really shines is as the base of an assortment of tart especially my raspberry frangipane tart.

Ana Olson

Now frangipane is a creamy almost cake-like almond filling and you need that Pat Sucree crust to hold that filling inside so I've started it here in the mixer you can make Pat Sucree by hand with electric beaters but that initial step of creaming the butter and sugar is important. 

Mixing Ingredients

So now that I've done that I can add my single egg and my half teaspoon of vanilla and mix that together.


Here we go.

So now I'm ready for the dry ingredients of 1 and 3/4 cups of cake and pastry flour and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt.

The dough has come together and because it is so sticky actually make use of the plastic wrap I'll shape it into a disc so now you want to set this until it's firm.


And that could take up to two hours I have a disc already to roll so when I'm rolling a delicate dough like a sugar dough I like to rotate at 90 degrees often the way I know it's not sticking to my surface so I go just about a quarter-inch maybe just a little bit less when I'm rolling it I'm using a 9-inch removable tart pan just a little sprinkling of flour. Get your own tart pan here: Tart Pan

Dough Base

I can really feel it's got the surface that I can just lift it over drop that sugar dough into the edges of the church. Press it so it fills in the fluted edges and then I let the rolling pin cleanly trim it.

Because I soften this dough to roll it, it needs time to chill to set that butter that ensures when I bake it the sides of the tart shell will stay in place so I give it about 30 minutes in the fridge I have one ready for the oven and before it goes in, to ensure that it doesn't bubble up on the bottom.


You want to dock the bottom of it with a fork just pierce holes all the way through Now I put this on a baking tray and pop it in a 350 oven and it takes about 20 minutes to bake and it'll turn just golden brown at the edges.

After 20 minutes you have your crust that's done.


This one is cooled completely and I'll just set that aside Let's start with the butter-sugar base, half a cup of unsalted butter and to that, I'll add 1/2 of granulated sugar but also 1/4 cup of icing sugar.

I'll grab my eggs while I'm here and I'll cream this two together I'll add to this whole egg and egg yolk.

Along with that goes a teaspoon of vanilla and now a little bit of whipping cream three tablespoons which ensures a beautiful smooth consistency.

Mixture Pie

And I'm gonna switch to a whisk and it really does have that a custard-like look now what a frangipane is all about is the almonds I measure out one in three-quarter cups of ground almonds and just add it right to that base mixture and lastly half a cup of cake and pastry flour.

Tart Mixture

I'll give this a little sift and I'll stir this until blended and get that butter into the crust there we go nice and smooth.

A Fringepane tart bake just like this is delicious but I really love about fringepane is how it compliments fruits my favorite is raspberries.

I have press the raspberries in so they don't sit on top but I don't fully submerge them in a frangipane always do to twelve and six-nine and three as if on a clock and then fill in around and then work my way inwards it's about a cup of raspberries in total and if you were to do this another fruit like apricot or a plum quarters would work just fine.


So the frangipane tart is ready or the oven I keep the oven at 350 and this takes about 40 minutes for it to set up and you'll watch it brown from the outside in and it shouldn't jiggle any more once it's time to come out of the oven after the 40 minutes you want to let it cool completely and then it is best served chilled so give it about two hours in the fridge to chill afterward and here we go look at this beautiful tart.


That beautiful golden brown around the outside it really does have a professional look to it.

The perfect finishing touch a little bit of icing sugar, Of course, I have to show you what it looks like inside We really can tell by that texture the cake-like consistency of the frangipane fruit.

I love how you have the Pat Sucree holding up the frangipane the textures match That's why it's such an ideal pastry for so many tarts. 


You can also watch this video on Youtube and subscribe to their channel for more tutorials like this. Oh Yum with Anna Olson

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