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How to make and decorate chocolate truffles, with Callebaut Chocolate by The Staff Canteen

How to make and decorate chocolate truffles, with Callebaut Chocolate by The Staff Canteen


I would like to show you lots of different ways that you can finish off your chocolate truffles either using the Callebaut pre-board truffle shells or when you can pipe them yourself.

How to make and decorate chocolate pops

First of all, I’m gonna pipe in some pre-made truffle shells. You can
use a piping bag or our wonderful dosing funnel. I’ve got a nice crunchy filling here that I’m gonna place them first of all and then I’m gonna pipe on the back of my chocolate ganache.  You could use these lollipop sticks (4.15" -  6").

Different styles of chocolate

Once you’ve filled all of the truffle shells, leave them to sit for a couple of hours so that the ganache can settle and it will shrink slightly and then we’re gonna cap the tops.

Fill the chocolate molds

Next, I’m gonna show you how to cap the truffles. There are three different ways we can use it. One, we can use the back of the truffle tray to help cap or we can just pipe with a piping bag or you could use these lollipop sticks.

Insert the sticks to the chocolate

Now the truffles are set, I’m gonna take them out of the tray and I’m gonna show you how to handle them. Whilst the truffles are still wet, you can sprinkle some cacao nibs or some shiny chocolate pellets on top. Another finish for your truffles is to brush your truffles with the created powder.

Sprinkle design

A lovely golden finish. Another easy finish you can do is spinning the chocolate, I’ve got some tempered white chocolate in this bag and I’m just going to spin it across the top of the truffles. Make sure when you’re spinning with the chocolate you actually go further than the chocolate truffle so that you don’t get any of these turn around bits on the truffle itself.

A lovely golden finish

To finish your chocolate lollipops, I’m gonna dip them into the chocolate and then I’m going to place some on a transfer sheet and some on chocolate bitters. For the transfer sheets, I’ve just cut little squares of the transfer sheets and I’ve placed them the rough side up onto a board.

Chocolate designs

Once the chocolate is fully crystalized, pull off the transfer sheet and it leaves you with a lovely pattern. Leave the lollipops to set actually sat on the splitters and then once they’re set you can pull them off and you get a lovely shiny effect on the top view of it.

Chocolate Designs

One of the trends at the moment is for these lovely swirled lollipops I’ve got some dark chocolate and some white chocolate and I’m going to pipe a crisscross of the dark chocolate on top of the white chocolate and then I’m going to dip in my lollipop and twirl.

Chocolate milk dip

So we need somewhere that we can place them so while the lollies are setting we’ll get that lovely point that you see on top. Once you dip some lollipops you’ll find that there’s no more zigzag left on top so what you can do now is go again with the chocolate and use the chocolate again.

Chocolate Dip

Dotted Design

You don’t have to bring in the truffle shells, you can pipe your own chocolate truffles so here I’ve got a little crunchy base that I’ve cut out and I’m gonna pipe on my chocolate ganache and I’ve made a bunch of fondant ganache for this one. I’m going to hand dip them now.

Chocolate Dip Preparation

I’m using a dipping fork but one thing you must do is make sure you’re dipping forks a little bit warm so that your truffles don’t stick to it.

Chocolate Swirl Dip Design

So I’m gonna take the truffle. I’m gonna place it upside down into the chocolate and just push it in then I’m gonna use my fork to flip it over and then I’m gonna dip up and down on top of the chocolate to get rid of any of the excess chocolate on my truffle then come over to the edge and if there’s any left just wipe it off on the side.

Chocolate Coating

Chocolate Coating

Take it over to a tray and then place it down. If you want to, once you’ve dipped your truffles you can sprinkle some little pieces on top. I hope this has inspired you to finish your truffles in lots of creative ways.

Various Chocolate Designs

You can also watch this video on their Youtube Channel: The Staff Canteen

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