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How to create super glossy and colored molded chocolates and hollow figures?

How to create super glossy and colored molded chocolates and hollow figures?

If you want a hollow figure or praline with a perfect gloss, and a nice color like those eggs here just in front of me. You need to create this mixture of melted cocoa butter and fat-soluble coloring. 

Chocolate Figure

So what we gonna do, we're gonna add 5% of food coloring into the cocoa butter, mix it well okay. We're gonna see this one and we're gonna pre-crystallize the cocoa butter. We gonna pour that on a spray gun okay. 

Take the form like this one, this mold okay and we're gonna apply by spraying using the spray gun into the mold. We're gonna leave it to set and then after we gonna add the chocolate and you're going to have the perfect result like this one.


The first step is measuring out the ingredients. For this recipe, you simply need to melt cocoa butter in the microwave at a temperature between 40 and 50°C.

When that's ready, add 5% fat-soluble food coloring and mix the two together to create  a perfectly homogeneous mixture. Now before pouring the mixture into the spray gun container, I need to sieve it.

I always use a sieve with a fine mesh to remove any and all lumps. Otherwise, these will block my spray gun later on. 

White Chocolate

Next, pour the mixture into a piping bag, and here is a little trick: crystallize it by rolling the piping bag around on your worktop. If the final temperature of your mixture is around 31°C, it's ready to go.


Chocolate Mix

Now, pour the mixture into the preheated spray gun immediately. Warming up your spray gun will keep the cocoa butter from setting inside the container, so the mixture won't block your spray gun.



Time to check the molds now, make sure they are perfectly clean and dry to avoid any visual imperfections and then heat them up at 20°C. If the molds are too cold, the spray gun mixture would set too fast, which might lead to a loss of brilliance or dull stains on the finished product. 

Piping Bags




Now let's give the molds some color. Just spray a thin layer of coloured cocoa butter into them and leave them to rest for a couple of minutes at room temperature. So the layer of the cocoa butter can harden. 

After setting, you can fill your praline molds with any chocolate you like, and for your hollow figures you can fill the mold with pre-crystallized chocolate. Leave them to set and unmold them.

The end result should always be colorful and bright with a wonderful gloss. If you have some leftover spray gun mix, always keep the spray gun container in a heated cabinet at around 45° to keep the cocoa butter from setting.

Or keep the coloured mixture in a separate container in the heated cabinet. That way, you'll always have it at your disposal, ready to use. 


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