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Cupcake Piping Techniques Tutorial

Cupcake Piping Techniques Tutorial


Hi guys! Welcome back to my kitchen.

Cake Piping

Now, one of my favorite things to make our cupcakes. So on this week's video tutorial, I thought I'd do you show you some of my favorite piping tips and also truly the styles that they make and the techniques are used to pipe the buttercream onto the cupcakes.

Piping Tips

Let's get started. Okay so I've got my cupcake, I've got the piping tips I'm gonna show you, I've got my icing bags, a spatula, and my buttercream. 

Okay, so the first buttercream saw that I'm going to show you is using this piping tip which is the Wilton 1m, and as you can see it's got a star shape at the top. Now I think this one creates the most popular of the buttercream swirls and this is your classic ice cream's bar.

Piping Techniques

Okay so what I'm going to do is just take this is just a clear piping bag and I'm just going to trim front all the piping bag off and you just want to make sure that those kind of in there and you can put it tight without air coming off. We're going to fill that with buttercream.

Piping Tips

Now I'll put a link below to the buttercream recipe that I've used here and I've just colored this with a rose pink.

Okay so once you've put your buttercream into your piping bag, what you want to do is just push the buttercream down so that it starts coming out at the end is just twist the end of the bag just to keep it closed and then with your thumb and your first finger and just keep it in there.

With Piping Bags

Now this is the hand that's gonna add the pressure so this is going to push the buttercream out and your other hand is just for guide in or if you just wanted to pipe with one hand you could use the other one just for the cupcakes today.

piping bags

Okay, so what we're going to do is just start with the icing tip here and I'm just going to start here on the cupcake. So applying slight pressure to the end of the piping bag, we're just going to bring it round for one rotation, just hug in the side of the cupcake case.

Now, when we reach the join there, we just want to bring the nozzle inside so it's half covering the buttercream that's already there and half cover in the cupcake again, do that again for another rotation, and then bring it into the middle and pull up, and that's going to give you your ice cream star swell.

Cake Piping

Okay, so the next tip that I'm actually going to show you is this one. Now it doesn't have any numbers on it and it tends to come in a set of a professional piping tips which is available from cake decorating shops, online retailers, supermarkets, and places like that.

Now there are similar ones as well so just have a lookout for this kind of tip. So what we've got is a flat star on the top and what this one is gonna do is gonna create really pretty ruffles. Okay so here we have our cupcake and we're gonna use examples and technique that we used for the previous one.


So again, we're just going to start from one side and find pressure with the right hand. I'm just going to pull this round, hug in the side of the cupcake case and then again bring it into a half on the buttercream and half on the cupcake.

I'm going to do three swirls and then pull up from the center and there we have this really pretty and ruffle swirl and as you can see it's just got a very different kind of effect to the previous one.

Center piping

Okay so this is the next piping tip that we're gonna use and what I'm gonna do is to show you how to make the rose cupcake. And now this is the Wilton 2D Piping Tip, as you can see all of the points that actually fold it over and meet in the middle and that's what's going to give us this really pretty rose effect.

Okay so with this one what we're gonna do is it's going to be slightly different and it's going to be in reverse. So we're gonna place the piping tip in the center of the cupcake and what we want to do is go around each of the layers. 

So as we do a rotation, we want to keep going around so we just hug in the side of the bottle cream that's already been on there until we get to the outer layer. Squeeze, don't need to get a bit of the buttercream then wrap it round and keep following the previous, lay around until you come to the outside of the cupcake case.

Butter Cream

 Now when you've got nowhere to go, you just want to pulled the buttercream away, and there you have a really pretty kind of rose-style cupcake. 

Okay so for the last cupcake tip that I really enjoy using, is this one and this is just an open circle tip. Now, this is gonna create a swirl like the others but it's just gonna be smooth and simple and just really pretty.

Okay so here we have just the round tip in there with the buttercream. Now be aware that this and piping tip does use slightly more buttercream than the others. So we're just going to start on one of the edges of the cupcake. Bring it round and you want to hug the outside of the cupcake case.

Piping Tips

Now when you get to that buttercream, you just want to pull it in and just slip go three rotations and then pull up. And that's just gonna bring around into this really pretty buttercream swirl.

Now as you can see, all these cupcakes are completely different and these are probably my most used cupcake tips and the ones that I prefer using.

Cake piping tips

I really hope you've enjoyed this video tutorial. If you have but then please give it a thumbs up and if you like to see more video tutorials then please click subscribe.

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