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Moule thermoformé demi-sphère


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Prix d'origine $15.00
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Prix d'origine $15.00
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Prix actuel $9.99

Le moule thermoformé demi-sphère est un excellent moyen de fabriquer des boules de chocolat, des entremet et des gâteaux mousse. Le moule offre une précision et des cavités en demi-sphère polies. Il vous suffit d'utiliser deux moules pour créer une sphère complète. Les tailles disponibles sont: Ø 4cm, Ø 6cm, Ø 7cm, Ø 8cm, Ø 9cm, Ø 10cm, Ø 12cm, Ø 14cm, Ø 16cm, Ø 18cm et Ø 20cm.

Ø 4cm 6 cavitéss
Ø 6cm 6 cavitéss
Ø 7cm 6 cavitéss
Ø 8cm 6 cavitéss
Ø 9cm 4 cavitéss
Ø 10cm 4 cavitéss
Ø 12cm 2 cavitéss
Ø 14cm 2 cavitéss
Ø 16cm 2 cavitéss
Ø 18cm 1 cavitéy
Ø 20cm 1 cavité..

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Exactly what I expected

Nora Mendez (Hermosillo, MX)

Half-Sphere Thermoformed Mould

Tara Ontario (Toronto, CA)
Good quality!!!

I love the thermoformed moulds. I use often!
Not sure how many times you can use them before replacing. I replaced mine after 4 months of frequent use!

Anna Nunziante (Richmond Hill, CA)
Half sphere mold

This mold is great for creating my smash cakes. I just need to buy another one as I only purchased one to try it out. Great product, good quality.

Carol Lang (Queens, US)

The half sphere molds are just the right size for my work

Kirstie Bouchard (Whistler, CA)
Will do the job

The molds are a bit more flimsy then I expected but they will do the job. They were packaged in a slightly too small box so one side of the plastic has curled a bit. It also took over a week for the molds to be put into the mail after I ordered which is longer than expected so I got them in almost 3 weeks from when I originally ordered them.

John Placko (Mississauga, CA)
Great product

Worked well. Great service. Fast delivery. Thanks

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