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Used Hot Chocolate Dispenser

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SKU SPMCC0004/110

Used Hot Chocolate Dispenser

The Chocolate Dispenser distributes and warms your drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, milk, tea, etc.Its clear container gives to the dispenser an attractive look ideal for countertops, buffets & desserts bars.

The dual Thermostats of the chocolate dispenser are very precise and allow perfect control of temperature avoiding overheating.The mixer scraper made of polymer is high temperatures resistant and continually stirs the container while dispenser operating. The dispenser is reliable and easy to use.

Technical Caracteristics:
  • Controlled temperature with thermostat.
  • Removable container for storage and easy cleaning.
  • Hot drinks available at all times.
  • Compact and light.
  • Mixing scraper to obtain a homogeneous product.
  • Capacity : 5 Litres (1.32 US Gallons).
  • Electricity : 110 Volts - 750 Watts.
  • 3 months limited warranty.