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Ganache Trays for Chocolate and Confectionery Guitar Cutter

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SKU EX25736010

The stainless steel ganache tray produces slabs that are easy to fit onto the guitar cutter offering uniform and perfect pieces. Made from stainless steel with no plastic in sight, the ganache tray for chocolate and confectionery guitar cutter is simple to clean and will last for many years. A non-stick Teflon liner is included in the tray, it will resist temperatures from: -73°C (-100 °F) to +260°C (+500 °F), and will allow your product extraction without sticking in the tray. The liner is so thin it will not affect the thickness of your product!

Buy the ganache tray, which are available in heights of 10mm, 12mm and 15mm (each tray: 360 mm X 360 mm) directly from our secure and convenient online store, ideal for home use or for use in professional kitchens and schools.