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Create amazing chocolate decorations with the ChocoGun. Keep control at all times of the temperature of cocoa butter and air pressure to achieve original decoration effects such as: velvet, snow, granulated, orange skin, dots, lines, etc. The ChocoGun allows the spray gun and cocoa butter colors to be maintained at the right temperature therefore always ready to use.

The ChocoGun allows you to impress your customers with unique designs that take a fraction of the timeto create. The ChocoGun is heated while inside the cabin and the built in thermostat controls the temperature ofyour colored cocoa butter, stabilizing it at the perfect working temperature. The builtin air filter allows the use of most any air compressors, filtering out unwanted dust,oil and water for perfect food safe chocolate confections.

This chocolate equipment is a huge timesaver and an organized method of spraying various cocoa butter colors to create numerous effects.

  • - Spray gun is entirely made of stainless steel, light and easy to use.
  • - 1 graduated cup of 125ml (4.23 fl oz).
  • - Extendable hose with «quick connect» attachment for spray gun.
  • - The Chocogun (has a built-in) (is provided with an) air/oil filter that insures clean and food safe air regardless of the type of air compressor used.
  • - Pressure regulator.
  • - Thermostat: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F).
  • - On/Off switch.
  • - Electricity: 110 Volts / 250 Watts.
  • - Compressor not included.

    Exterior dimensions:
        height: 43cm (17") width: 43cm (17") depth:24cm (9,5").

        10kg (22lbs).

    1 year limited warranty.
    Made in Canada.